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The portfolio will seek to generate capital appreciation as well as some interest and dividend income by investing in a diversified portfolio of other mutual funds that meet the manager's socially responsible investment principles, with a bias towards Canadian equity mutual funds diversified with Canadian income and bond mutual fund holdings.

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Access to award winning Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) managers

Diversification by sector, country and asset class

Potential tax efficiency of distributions

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The portfolio manager notes that the positive return contribution in the quarter came from three of the underlying constituent funds with the largest contribution from the strong performance of the IA Clarington Inhance Global Equity SRI Class. They state the underlying funds, the IA Clarington Inhance Monthly Income SRI Fund and the IA Clarington Bond Fund, also contributed positively, helping to offset the negative contribution of the IA Clarington Inhance Canadian Equity SRI Class. The portfolio manager notes that the latter underlying fund reflected the sell-off in the Canadian stock market for the fourth quarter and year, beset by commodity price declines which negatively impacted the heavily-weighted energy and resource sectors. While there was no overt change in the normal growth-oriented asset mix of the Fund, the portfolio manager notes that the cumulative outperformance of the underlying equity component funds relative to the underlying bond component fund in recent quarters has caused the Fund's investment in equity to rise modestly above its normal 60% level with a corresponding reduction in fixed income to slightly below 40%.

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Vancity Investment Management Inc.

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Returns are calculated, and year-by-year returns are shown, from December 4, 2009, the date of a material fund merger.